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Pistacchio di Bronte

The green pistachio of Bronte Dop or “Pistachia real” has a delicate aroma, the fruit is deep green and smaller than other varieties grown their shells in shape, color and distinctive smell of resin … almost what it denotes the naturalness.
This Variety of pistachio is deserved is the word Dop and being elected slow food, because for centuries in Bronte is grown only in odd years and still collects manually, and then dry the fruits of the Sicilian sun mid-September.
The Pistachio can be considered a power food for its high nutrient levels. Makes an important energy content, a good protein content as well as valuable amino acids and vitamins. Able to challenge the most demanding palates, particularly suitable to enrich all types of bio diet, vegetarian and vegan.
Called the Oro Verde Bronte is appreciated in the Italian and foreign markets for the originality of taste and adaptability in the kitchen and pastry, pistachio oil has also applied also in cosmetic research.


Size: 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg, 5 kg,  10 kg,

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