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Friselle Salentine

Frise or friselle are a toasted bread typical of the southern-most part of Puglia, the Salento. In the past, their dry, easy-to-transport, easy-to-store nature made them a favourite of fishermen and farmers, who would need something quick and filling to have at sea or in the fields. To rehydrate them, they would just dip them in sea or well water. They would then season them and smash a tomato on top for flavour and substance.

To this date, friselle are loved for their ability to satiate in a simple yet satisfying way. A perfect representation of the Mediterranean diet, they are make for a lovely, fuss-free summer meal, at the beach – as Pugliesi do – as much as at home.

Topped with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, olives, cheese, there are several way to make them lovely.

Format: 400 gr.

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