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Chef Luca Andrè decided to use fresh basil that is picked and processed in few hours to give a special and natural taste to the pesto. The recipe is enriched with pistachios and gondino, an organic vegetable cheese produced in Tuscany. Spirulina provides that extra value that is a perfect blend of taste and health.

Pestovè, the 100% vegetable pesto, comes from a very simple concept that is too often forgotten. To create a delicious and tasty product you need to have an excellent raw material. So, if you want to have an excellent pesto you need to use fresh basil, producing only in the summer months (July is the best month). Chef Luca Andrè knows this perfectly and so he decided to create his pesto using fresh basil, picked and processed within the same day. To flavor the pesto, in addiction to a rich mix of dried fruit, the chef uses Gondino,  an organic vegetable cheese made from chickpeas in Tuscany.
The final recipe is enriched by Spirulina, an algae that in the last years is increasingly used in Western countries for the numerous benefits associated to its assumption. In fact this alga is rich of vitamins, and its assumption has beneficial effects on eyes, heart and bones. It is particularly indicated to prevent osteoporosis and Chron’s disease.
Finally, to add a gourmet touch, the chef uses Maldon salt, a very popular salt among starred kitchen. This salt, in fact, thanks to the thickness of its crystals, does not immediately melt on the palate, interacting longer with the food, allowing to enhance the flavor contained in the food.


Basil (35%), sunflower oil, Gondino® [vegetable food preparation (water, potato starch*, coconut oil*, chickpea flour*, nutritional yeast, whole sea salt, natural flavors)], extra virgin olive oil, CASHEW, PISTACHIOS (3%), pine nuts, spirulina, garlic (0,7%), salt, maldon salt, potato starch, concentrated lemon juice, natural basil flavor. *from organic farm

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