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Chef Michele Granuzzo is ready to surprise us again with the second revisiting of the traditional recipe of the Bolognese sauce. The 100% Italian and NON-GMO soya, cooked as homemade with natural spices and 100% Italian Tomatoes is a surprisingly light explosion of taste!


The first time we tasted this sauce  made by chef Michele Granuzzo we were simply amazed. “Sorry Michele, are you sure there’s no meat inside?”. Given that the aim of our produce is not to emulate the taste of meat products, but to prepare tasty products that are palatable to anyone, in this particular case the similarity is truly surprising.
The chef starts with 100% italian no GMO soy that is hydrated with water and flavored with natural spices such as sage, bay leaf and rosemary. The soy, hydrated and flavored, is added to the sautè made with carrots, onions and celery and 100% italian tomato. The sauce is then deglazed with red wine to give that extra touch of taste to all the ingredients.
Slow cooking allows to balance and homogenize all flavors. The sauce finally reminds in all its aspects the traditional ragout, but it is made in a natural way, using only vegetable products. Try to taste it and we are sure that you will not notice any difference. Let us know!


Tomato puree (31 %), semi-concentrated tomato (24 %), sunflower oil, SOYA granules (7,6 %), onion, celery, carrot, red wine, rosemary, salt garlic, sage, laurel, concentrated lemon.

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