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Traditional Apulian Taralli

Traditional taralli are made from simple ingredients such as flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, salt and fennel seeds. Our taralli are entirely prepared as an ancient Apulian recipe and are handmade one by one to enhance the taste of tradition.

In Puglia, over the years, taralli have become a real snack to be consumed at any time of the day, at home, in the office or at parties, tarallo has become the snack par excellence. Apulian taralli are perfect as an aperitif accompanied by a good glass of red wine but they are also ideal when enjoyed with cheeses and cold cuts.


We have a wide offer of Taralli:


Traditional Taralli with Olive Oil, Traditional Taralli with Fennel Seeds, Taralli al Calzone, Taralli with Onion, Taralli with cereals, Taralli cheese and pepper, Taralli with Coffee, Taralli with Ginseng, Taralli with Speck and Mushrooms, Taralli with Grano Arso, Taralli Olive and Rosemary, Taralli with Curcuma and Chia, Taralli with Cime di Rapa, Taralli with Primitivo Wine, Taralli with Sesamo seeds, Taralli with Almond, Taralli with Chili Peppers, Taralli with Pesto, Taralli with Kamut, Taralli Pizza, Taralli with Tomato, Taralli with Cioccolate and Almond.


Format: 250 gr, 400 gr, 500 gr, 5 kg

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